I hate boxes!


I really hate getting boxes in the trash.  This was not a bad case, but what normally happens is after someone puts a box in the garbage can everyone throws their garbage everywhere!

I hate it when I know what the problem is! – Update


Greg came by my wash today and I talked him into showing me how to troubleshoot my rotary switch.  Greg explained that you should get 24 volts on the hp wax stack, which I was getting.  This means that my rotary switch was working fine.  So we tested from the switch to the terminal block in the meter box, which was all 24 volts.  So this means that the long run had a bad connection.  I found where I crimped them together and there was a problem.  Yeah, problem solved!

I hate it when I “know” what the problem is!


So the problem is the high pressure wax function does not work in one of the bays.  First I decided there was crap in the hp wax solenoid.  So I slowly starved the pump of water to pull the crap out of the solenoid.  That did not work so I removed the solenoid to clean it, which did not work.  So I decided the problem was with the needle valve which I just removed all of them, that did not help.  Then I pulled out my voltmeter and checked to see if I was getting voltage from the switch to the equipment room which I was not (I am getting somewhere!).  So now I need to figure out how to check a rotary switch.  I need to give Greg a call!

Fragramatics Vacuum problem


I hate working on these Fragramatics vacuums.  The vacuums have 6 special screws to unlock the top and everything is just so crammed in there.  One of the vacuum motors was not working so I had to remove the motor to check the brushes.  The brushes were fine but a fuse was blown.  I will check the fuse first next time.  Even though 2 out of the 3 motors worked, you can still tell there is a problem.