Chemical Refill


Today I refilled all my chemicals.  I need to setup a Flojet pump station like Mep1 suggested but I have not done that yet.  I had to hand pump today with is always fun and makes a mess.

Flojet air leak – Again with a MEP1 help update


Today my flojet air hose was cracked again.  I guess I am tightening this to tight?  Well, I decided to try MEP1’s idea about using 3/8″ i.d. hose alone with 1/2″ i.d. about 1″ of each kind.


Sliding this on is fairly easy.


I put the barb in then tried to put the 1/2″ i.d. hose onto the setup.  I could not get the 1/2″ to go all the way on (because of the barb) but I just trimmed the excess off with a razor blade.  Then I put a hose clamp on and I was done.  Thanks to MEP1 for the suggestion.

Flojet air leak


My flojet pump air hose had a leak. Is there a better way to attach the air line to the flojet barb? Can you purchase something other then a barb? This just seems to be a consistent problem.

Why PVC is not always a great idea?


I had to replace the 1/2″ schedule 80 pvc elbow with a metal street elbow today, because of a small leak.  I am going to replace the solenoid later so I did not replace all the pvc for now.  I guess the weep solenoid (sprinkler system solenoid) may have worn out the pvc (from cutting on and off) and caused a small crack.


I also installed the last Flojet pump.  Now I just need to put the last 2 Flojet pumps online.