Broken Canon PowerShot SD630 again

Well, my Canon PowerShot SD630 died again today.  It has died 4 times now.  I think that this camera is officially crappy.  The error was “Lens error, restart camera”.  It is still under some NEW warranty so I will have to see if they cover it.

Broken camera – update

     ->  ->      -> I received my Canon PowerShot SD630 camera today.  It looks like a new camera.  But who cares!  I just wanted the camera to work, not look good.,

Broken camera

Well, my Canon PowerShot SD630 died today.  Not sure how it happened, but that was fast.  The error was "Lens error, restart camera", it is still under warranty so off to Canon. Canon Factory Service, 1440 Chase Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL, 6007  1-800-828-4040

New camera? – Update

Well my Mother's Canon PowerShot SD630 6MP Digital Elph Camera got delivered today.  It really looks neat.  I hope this is really for my birthday.  I am going to wrap the camera for my birthday so it will be a surprise.