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Hay! What is wrong with people?


The thing I can’t figure out is why the hay was in the car and it was fine….. Then when you get to the car wash you take the hay out THEN put it in garbage bags?

Only thing that makes since is she stole the hay? But how do you even steal hay? Actually where can you purchase hay? What do you use hay for? Why does she have hay in the fist place?

She seemed shocked to found out it clogs up vacuums and I didn’t want her to use mine? :) Weird…. Maybe this is why she made a huge ass mess at my place of business and not at her house?

Dumping Lots of Bags


Someone mistakened  my carwash for the dump and decided to dump 5-6 bags of household crap.  I couldn’t find any mail or anything which makes me sad.  I quit after I saw what is in the second picture.  There was also lots of wadded up toilet paper in the bag…….. I really didn’t want to see pieces of Playguy’s May 2000 issue “18 year-old Butt-Muffin Spreads it for Dough”!