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Two Really Bizarre Things Happened Today – It Involves a Snake!

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So I was checking out all the bays at my wash and I see this snake…. Seems very random and deliberately placed in the bay to be nasty. So I go get a shovel and I believe someone calls me?  Alway…. I come back and the snake is GONE! SOMEONE STOLE MY SNAKE! So I went from pissed because someone left the snake to why on Earth would anyone take the snake! Seriously why? 🙂

Think you are special because you own a car wash? Oh I know you think you do. :)

Well you are NOT!  LOL  🙂  Even you guys that just clean up and are maintain guys…. not special.  You know what is annoying…. me having to remind my cleanup guy that I can CLEAN UP!  I have that special power!  It is actually not hard…. everyday…. well…. very hard!  LOL  🙂

But this guy was in front of a Toys R Us at 6:00 with at least 5 bags of household garbage…. Really?  He pulled his black Ford Expedition in the emergency lane and just started unloading garbage bags.  He put 1-2 in the garbage can and 1 next to the garbage can.  (There is another garbage can you can not see to the left of the doors.)

Now…. maybe he thought no one could see him?  He did look like a moron?  Plus he was wearing camouflage…. he might be confused when camouflage is effective!  LOL 🙂  But he was driving a Ford Expedition…. doesn’t that car have a really bad engine with an aluminium motor head?

I also was going to Toys R Us to purchase a gift for my Son…. and my Daughter came.  So I missed out talking to General Garbage and no picture of his nice expedition.

Hay! What is wrong with people?


The thing I can’t figure out is why the hay was in the car and it was fine….. Then when you get to the car wash you take the hay out THEN put it in garbage bags?

Only thing that makes since is she stole the hay? But how do you even steal hay? Actually where can you purchase hay? What do you use hay for? Why does she have hay in the fist place?

She seemed shocked to found out it clogs up vacuums and I didn’t want her to use mine? 🙂 Weird…. Maybe this is why she made a huge ass mess at my place of business and not at her house?