I am a Mass Murderer I Guess!


So there was a pretty large wasp nest.  Now there are lots of dead wasps.  I guess I am a mass murderer now………  But I call it revenge because I almost died a few years ago from a wasp/bee sting (seriously…I carry an epi pen now).



Did you know that dead rats were stinky?  All you have to do to confirm this it hold the dead rat close to your face or walk in the same bay (if you are at a car wash).

Dumping Lots of Bags


Someone mistakened  my carwash for the dump and decided to dump 5-6 bags of household crap.  I couldn’t find any mail or anything which makes me sad.  I quit after I saw what is in the second picture.  There was also lots of wadded up toilet paper in the bag…….. I really didn’t want to see pieces of Playguy’s May 2000 issue “18 year-old Butt-Muffin Spreads it for Dough”!

Klean-Wall VS Mister Plumber ($1 Store Crap)


I got a sample of Klean-Wall free from his website at apchemical.com and I purchased some Mister Plumber from some Dollar Store down the street.  The Fake Drano contains: water, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide and surfactants.  The Klean-Wall contains: magic.


Both sections look equally as bad.  The directions on the Klean-Wall said 3-5 minutes so I let both chemicals stay on 5 minutes.


The Klean-Wall after 5 minutes did a lot better job (first picture).  But the Fake Drano did a pretty good job.


I reapplied the Fake Drano and let it sit for 30 minutes.  It turned out a lot better but not as good as the Klean-Wall.  But for the price of the Fake Drano maybe you should try Fake Drano over Klean-Wall?

I Really Hope Judge Dan King Did NOT get Reelected!


Well today some monkey lick dumped a Judge Dan King’s campaign sign at my car wash.  I noticed it in front of the evil Union place next door and went to talk to them.  They said they didn’t do it… what a surprise.  But when I walked over to my lot someone came out of the evil Union place and said that they called their big Union boss and he “wanted it”.  So they put it behind their secure gate.  Which is good!  Who says Unions are all evil?  Well aren’t they?

Best Find Ever?


Okay so I found this DVD in the garbage.  Usually I take the previous owners opinion on the objects I find in the garbage cans and just throw it in the dumpster.  But this time I saw a DVD with a fox on it.  I like foxes and the title was FOX NO HOLES BARRED!  Not really sure what that meant but I thought why not give it a try?  So I brought it home and found out that it wasn’t about foxes at all!  It was about females!  It had no plot and they took their clothing off really fast (not sure why maybe it was hot outside?).  Another thing weird was there was blurred out areas around where the males and females took their pants off!  It was really weird!