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If you have something to sell let me know.

I purchased some stuff from Greg today so he could clean out his garage.


I purchased this broken computer?  It has some sort of oily black stuff in it but it was a good deal and maybe it will work.


I also purchased these Water Wizard 2 Hyper-Concentrate tanks, a garbage can, some Hydro Pel Yellow, some Qual Chem Qyellow Additive, a motor with a propeller at the end, 3×3 solenoids blocks and a 1×4 solenoid block and a Dema solenoid electrical thing.  I also am purchasing some other stuff from his brother, lots of interesting things.  Maybe I should sell some of this stuff or my stuff?

Fake Craftsman tools?


I got my fake Craftsman tools today from  I paid $5.03 for 3 x 12 piece sets.  I needed some extra screw drivers and I always purchase the best.

I did learn a lot about using a screw driver from reading the Warning label on back of the package:

1)  always wear eye protection (I can not see without eye protection so I am safe (glasses).)
2)  disconnect power before using the tool on electric work or electrical sources (This would add a step to every electrical project! 🙂 )
3)  never use to pry (What?  I thought that is what a flat head screw drivers were for;  also for digging.)