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3 x Fragramatics vacuums for sales


Must purchase all three Fragramatics vacuums…. It’s a lot.  :)  If I remember correctly one pops it’s fuse?  Sold as is….. No testing or I would just rehab them and sell them for more?  :)  $2,000 or best offer if the offer is $10 less. :) Yes they need stickers! 

Simpson 3/8-Inch x 50-Foot x 4,500 PSI Dual Braid Hose


Okay I guess I found these pictures also…. :) Now I understand that everyone doesn’t use quick release fitting…. but I really like them. This product also comes with them! They also haven’t caused me any trouble YET! So that would add at least $10-15 value I believe? I have purchased five of this product and it seems like a great product? I have also purchase a couple “used” ones from amazon? I guess people with karcher pressure washes purchased them? :) Well $50 and free shipping for a Simpson MH5038QC High Pressure Hoseseems like a pretty good deal?

BTW: The first one I purchased was in March 2013 and I am still using it.

Buyers guide to old used Coleman oval vacs

I didn’t know there was a difference and now I know why people complain about Colman oval vacs.  Might be because they are comparing about to separate products?  Also I feel bad when I was trying to sell my vacs I didn’t tell the buyer of the difference.  But I honesty didn’t know. Plus mine are the nice ones. :)

New style with large one door.


Old style small door…. Where you can not touch the bags.


Powerain Status 3000 – For SALE


Fully loaded!

-Spot free
-High pressure
-5/7 spinners don’t spin!
-Rust only shows character!  Just being honest.  :)
-Works great!
All you need to WOW your customers!
$7000  obo
let the biding war begin!  :)
Unit makes $1000 a month now as is……
If you have to have an entry unit I have an acw 4 without credit card for an additional $700.

This looks just like my Stand Alone Air Machine I was going to make! :)

Stand Alone Air Machine    Meter Boxes    Island   Bay Equipment    Carwash Specialists 5-03photo 2photo 1-02photo 4-01

There unit even looks used…. just like mine! :) I was going to use a Fragramatics Shampooer I purchased that came with a pedestal. Their unit looks janky with that brass fitting on the top? But whatever…. that just means my version can’t look the worse! :)

Greg today helped me with my CWS order. :)

He said the stuff I wanted was basically not that great of an idea.  Also that the aluminum head foam brushes where also a bad idea.  So I keep all the stuff that was sent wrong from

BTW the lady I emailed accepted blame and said she would send and pickup the stuff.  But they still didn’t have what I wanted and the invoice was changed so her story really makes no since?

Also Greg said he doesn’t order stuff from CWS anymore?  Kleen Rite really has stepped up there game.  I guess Marcus use to use CWS…. but it doesn’t matter.  He probably switched also?

The  blue 212551 Erie plastic 4 1/2″ hogs hair brushes I purchased from CWS.  $52 head only.  :)


Rowe wins an Innovative Award and not MEI?

I understand that Rowe came out with a new Rowe changer… The Rowe model 400. I also know they didn’t post the manual on there website which is weird?  I watched the video with Tim Kozlik…. I also like him… He seems like a nice guy.  But using the same hopper as an American Changer and MEI recyclers seems not very “innovative”. That bill acceptor would work in my old crusty Rowe that was MDB comparable. 

I might expect to much from Rowe?  I’m just not impressed. The display and sticker don’t help. The sticker actual looks worse then the old ones… I think.

The New England Car Wash Association gave Rowe the award. But the changer has been out a while. The MEI acceptor has been out about 3-4 years I think?  The coin hopper is generic.

Parker Slugbuster Coin Acceptors? Why am I using GinSan Sensortron?

Okay so I acquired some Parker Slugbuster II 2 long drop coin acceptors.  Is there a reason why I shouldn’t use the Slugbuster products?  Are Ginsan Industries Sensortron acceptors better or worse?  Why do all these products look the same as the $20 ebay China coin acceptor?   :)

The Parker is $30 less for the old Slugbuster I (Old Style)  $108.33.  (They look exactly the same.)

The Slugbuster II quarter only is $107.14.  With tokens also $130.94.

All the Slugbuster II models are less then the Sensortron at $137.75?  What have I done?  :)


What also worries me is in the Kleen-Rite ad for the Sendortron, the info says “with over 100,000 units in service since 1981″.  That I am guessing… means they have sold 100,000?  That doesn’t seem like very many…. so I think I have been purchasing something everyone knows is over priced and other products are better?

Also if you goto parkers slugbuster website:  (Which BTW is SO BAD and looks like a phishing web site.  The clip art also is….. WOW!)  They say to fix ANY Slugbuster it cost $65… and a new acceptor has a 2 year warranty?  WTF that site does seem like a scam!  Or to good to be true!  :)  I think I have to switch to Slugbuster acceptors…. unless they are POS?  I don’t know?  :)