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GinSan Gin San Timer Vacuum Vending Meter Box GS-8 Car Wash


I have a collect of pictures…. of equipment.  The link is located at the top of the page.  It is called “Product Id Page“…. not sure why?  :)

24v AC Accumulating Timer

GS-7, GS-8, GS-75, GS-85, GS87 and GS-255 are all the same except the GS-87 and GS-255 can accept tokens.  Or Ginsan has the worse Technical Sheet ever?  Could go either way.  :)

The GS-8, GS-85, GS-87 and GS-255 have re-settable 4 digit coin counters.

The GS-8, GS-85, GS-87 and GS-255 also have a “Eveready” Not “Duracell” battery so if the power goes off while a customer is putting money in.  Which happens ALL the time!  :)

Car Wash Equipment – Hamilton Autec Auto Cashier


This unit is just to demonstrate what an Autec unit looks like.  A unit that “pops its breaker if” you plug in the coin hopper…. basically means the coin hopper is probably screwed?  LOL  :)  So between the broken coin hopper and the “unsure” (broken) cash acceptor…. what is left?  The controller and box?  :)

Car Wash Equipment – Hamilton ACW-5 Auto Cashier


While I honestly believe an ACW 5 with a credit card computer is worth $3000.  This is stupid…. but since the acw has a new faceplate someone will purchase it.  People are stupid and want nice looking over priced items.  :)  I will never understand cheap car wash owner…. ever.  Plus this unit is missing a $1500-2000 Hamilton computer.  Shiny pretty pos for sure!

VETO PRO PAC CT-XL Large Cargo Tote

Well my Bucket Boss GateMouth Jr. Tool Bag started to rip and more importantly….  I was loading it with to many tool.  (Maybe this was the reason for the ripping?  :) )  So I started looking for a replacement bag.  I was looking at a Klein Tools canvas bag…. But I didn’t like the “moisture-resistant” wording used.  So I am going to use this as my tool bag temporarily.

The VETO PRO PAC CT-XL Large Cargo Tote


But I am also planing on purchasing the Veto Pro Pac Tech XL or the Veto Pro Pac TECH-LC Tool Bag? For my actual “tool bag”…. Then use this beach bag for large crap.  I could not decide which tech bag…. That is why I only have the cargo bag now.  Tell me what you use!  It is a lot of trouble trying to purchase a bag!  Now I know how Women feel!  JUST KIDDING!  LOL!  I have no clue what their issues are?  :)  Maybe if all Women had to purchase this bag they would never have to get another one?  :)

BTW I never really cared for the bucketboss tool bag…..  when you loaded it with some tools you really could never zip it unless you were very determined.  So the bag always stayed open…. which allow crap to fall out.

I also support China like our US government and Veto…. but apparently Veto bags use to be made in the USA?

VETO PRO PAC CT-XL Large Cargo Tote – Full of crap


This is what I had in my Bucket Boss GateMouth Jr. Tool Bag…..  also showing the wear damage.  I also tried zipping the bag with nothing in it and I think the hinges are the problem maybe?


This is my VETO PRO PAC CT-XL Large Cargo Tote loaded up….  note I left the tag on.  I also leave my tags on all my hats, shirts and pants!  Yes of course I do not wash my clothing!  I have to keep the stickers and tags looking fly!  (When I use to wear baseball hats….  I thought I washed them?  Fitted hats start to stink…. I thought?  :) )

Also let me know what tool bag you use before I purchase another China bag.


4 x Fragramatics vacuums for sales

UPDATE I HAVE 4 FRAGRAMATICS VACUUMS NOW! Make an offer? Hint…. I will not take below $2,000. :) The forth vac is shampoo…. looks great, setup for safe, timer problem, missing parts on top and no locks. I believe the hose is new like?

So 2 fragrances and 2 shampoos.


Must purchase all three Fragramatics vacuums…. It’s a lot.  :)  If I remember correctly one pops it’s fuse?  Sold as is….. No testing or I would just rehab them and sell them for more?  :)  $1,750 or best offer if the offer is $10 less. :) Yes they need stickers…. My eyes work with glasses! :)

If you are actually interested.  :)  Here is a LINK to more PICTURES

UPDATE 20150601:  These are actually sold…. this was a super deal guys!  Only one guy wanted them also?  :)   (Besides some cheap scrap price guy who also wanted free shipping?  You know shipping is really cheap if you pick it up at their terminal?  Less then $200 for this.)  If I did not have over 15 vacs to sell…. I would have purchased these for parts and been super happy.  Each person is obviously different…. what happens when something happens to your vacs?  Retail?  You can not make an insurance claim!  Yes these also needed work….  Everyone needs work!  LOL  :)

Simpson 3/8-Inch x 50-Foot x 4,500 PSI Dual Braid Hose


Okay I guess I found these pictures also…. :) Now I understand that everyone doesn’t use quick release fitting…. but I really like them. This product also comes with them! They also haven’t caused me any trouble YET! So that would add at least $10-15 value I believe? I have purchased five of this product and it seems like a great product? I have also purchase a couple “used” ones from amazon? I guess people with karcher pressure washes purchased them? :) Well $50 and free shipping for a Simpson MH5038QC High Pressure Hoseseems like a pretty good deal?

BTW: The first one I purchased was in March 2013 and I am still using it.

Buyers guide to old and new used Coleman oval vacs

I didn’t know there was a difference and now I know why some people complain and hate Coleman oval vacs.  They are comparing about two separate products!  Also I feel bad when I was trying to sell my vacs…. I didn’t tell the buyer the difference.  But I honesty didn’t know. Plus mine are the nice ones. :)  He actually purchased the wrong ones and I don’t mean not mine!  LOL  :)

New style with large one door.


Old style small door…. Where you can not touch the bags.