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Jim Coleman Super Saver fuse: GMA 5a 125v ?

Well…. this is the fuses I use in my Jim Coleman Super Saver. :) I guess I would have to read to figure out if this is the original/correct amps.

This is a 5 x 20mm fast-acting glass tube fuse. The GMA Series.

I actually hate these fuses and I wish Coleman used a more standard fuse you could purchase at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot or ever auto part stores. It is almost like they want you to purchase the fuses from them? LOL :)

I actually believe it was…. Home Depot who had them last time I needed one. But…. they only had 2-4. One time I had to rewire to another inline fuse. When you have a short it usually takes more then one fuse to find the problem! LOL :)

UPDATE: What is a….. *ORIGINAL* Replacement Sensor for Dixmor Weep Mizer (TI0100) $40.00


I am done dissecting these…. I will also revise my precious post/comments.  I believe they use hot glue.  Which is apparently a thing people do?  Also people claim freezing hot glue helps it separate?  Which it did not…. so it might be something else?  Also the leads and solder joints might just not be cleaned?  (“No clean” solder flux residue) Corroded leads look different…. but I am not sure how corroded leads look under hot glue?  The matter what…. every time I need a sensor I try all my extras.  Which never work.

I do know something…. Gin-San uses epoxy or some resin…. for some reason?  Probably just to be…….. well it does not make their timer last longer.  At least that is what I have seen and heard.  Plus by their price of the timer and lack of features on some…. it adds money to the bottom line.  In my opinion.  :)  Like the GinSan GS-31 (Which I have 5-6 for sale if you want some! :) ) why does it cost $400 new…. when you need another $100 timer?

What is a….. *ORIGINAL* Replacement Sensor for Dixmor Weep Mizer (TI0100) $40.00


  • 67WR20  Trimmer Resistors – Through Hole 3/8″ Squ 20 10%  DOC 3/8” Square Multiturn Cermet Trimming Potentiometer
  • LM234H (I believe?)  DOC TI LINK Temperature Sensor with Analog Current Source Output in TO-92    Update:  20151001  I am revising this to LM134H
  • Resistor…. 271 Ohms 2%  The last color is not really that important.  But the 3rd band might be Red?  I would need to check again.  :)  Update:  20151001 I believe it is red, brown, brown.

Now I love Dixmor…. better then all other Car Wash companies combined. But their “Original” Sensor seems flawed?  I just happened to find 3-4 broken sensors today and I have been meaning to check them out.  Lets check out the pictures below.

So my hypothesis is…. In the “Original” design the temp sensor is exposed to the elements (The cap portion).  Moisture has to rust and corrode this part (mine has rust on it) and pretty much all the solder joints of the board (mine are all corroded it seems).  Even though the rest of the sensor is encapsulated with epoxy or something annoying?  I believe…. that the temperature sensor should be encapsulated also…. then maybe the sensor would be a better design?  As designed I believe this is terrible to be honest…. It “seems” like I am purchasing one every other year.  But I know that has to be an exaggeration!  LOL :)  Update:  20151001  I do have 2 washes and I am in the south.

Direct LOL…. Mark VII :)


“Direct drives run smoother and quieter than belts and pulleys while eliminating the maintenance headache of having to regularly adjust them.”

This is funny….  this is implying less maintenance.

But belt driven systems last longer in a high usage application.  The belt system produces less vibration and heat because the direct systems run at a higher rpm.

Also…. are you really suppose to adjust your belts and pulleys “regularly”…. like within the last 10-20 years of the equipment’s life?  LOL :)  I honestly do not know!  :)  Plus what does “regularly adjust them” mean?  every 20-30 years?  Again I do not know?  Thanks let me know cwguy!  :)

One last thought…. doesn’t the sound come from the hp pump not the motor?  Or is it the belt making all the noise?  Plus I would think a motor running at higher rpms would be louder?  But I do not know!

GinSan Gin San Timer Vacuum Vending Meter Box GS-8 Car Wash


I have a collect of pictures…. of equipment.  The link is located at the top of the page.  It is called “Product Id Page“…. not sure why?  :)

24v AC Accumulating Timer

GS-7, GS-8, GS-75, GS-85, GS87 and GS-255 are all the same except the GS-87 and GS-255 can accept tokens.  Or Ginsan has the worse Technical Sheet ever?  Could go either way.  :)

The GS-8, GS-85, GS-87 and GS-255 have re-settable 4 digit coin counters.

The GS-8, GS-85, GS-87 and GS-255 also have a “Eveready” Not “Duracell” battery so if the power goes off while a customer is putting money in.  Which happens ALL the time!  :)

Car Wash Equipment – Hamilton Autec Auto Cashier


This unit is just to demonstrate what an Autec unit looks like.  A unit that “pops its breaker if” you plug in the coin hopper…. basically means the coin hopper is probably screwed?  LOL  :)  So between the broken coin hopper and the “unsure” (broken) cash acceptor…. what is left?  The controller and box?  :)

Car Wash Equipment – Hamilton ACW-5 Auto Cashier


While I honestly believe an ACW 5 with a credit card computer is worth $3000.  This is stupid…. but since the acw has a new faceplate someone will purchase it.  People are stupid and want nice looking over priced items.  :)  I will never understand cheap car wash owner…. ever.  Plus this unit is missing a $1500-2000 Hamilton computer.  Shiny pretty pos for sure!

VETO PRO PAC CT-XL Large Cargo Tote

Well my Bucket Boss GateMouth Jr. Tool Bag started to rip and more importantly….  I was loading it with to many tool.  (Maybe this was the reason for the ripping?  :) )  So I started looking for a replacement bag.  I was looking at a Klein Tools canvas bag…. But I didn’t like the “moisture-resistant” wording used.  So I am going to use this as my tool bag temporarily.

The VETO PRO PAC CT-XL Large Cargo Tote


But I am also planing on purchasing the Veto Pro Pac Tech XL or the Veto Pro Pac TECH-LC Tool Bag? For my actual “tool bag”…. Then use this beach bag for large crap.  I could not decide which tech bag…. That is why I only have the cargo bag now.  Tell me what you use!  It is a lot of trouble trying to purchase a bag!  Now I know how Women feel!  JUST KIDDING!  LOL!  I have no clue what their issues are?  :)  Maybe if all Women had to purchase this bag they would never have to get another one?  :)

BTW I never really cared for the bucketboss tool bag…..  when you loaded it with some tools you really could never zip it unless you were very determined.  So the bag always stayed open…. which allow crap to fall out.

I also support China like our US government and Veto…. but apparently Veto bags use to be made in the USA?