Autec AES-100 Shine Express Soft Touch Polisher for your Express Wash?

AES-100 Polisher
Well apparently Autec sells a version of the Broadway Buff-N Shine Polisher.  Like I have said before I think this machine is really great…. also a great add on service.  Someone that owns this Autec machine and the Broadway said the Autec is built better though?  The Broadway unit hasn’t been changed since 1978 also apparently…. Which could be good or bad? Honestly what has? Just adding digital timers…. I am talking about the entire industry also. You get my basic point. 🙂 Also he said Broadway service really is out of Minnesota.  But the unit is basic…. both units.  The units are geared toward dealerships also.

The funny part…. apparently this Autec machine cost 50k installed.  (Also depending on who you know you could get a substantial discount also.)  But when you automate high pressure water and a couple solenoids it cost twice as much?  R&D does cost money in other cases…. also the bag of parts is probably scary low on these units.  But welders and sales people have to eat also!  🙂

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