Car Wash on FIRE?


Looked like a full service down the street from where I live had a little fire?  4 Hoover Police suvs, 3 Fire trucks, 1 Fire suv and 1 Ambulance.

I believe it is Regal car wash on Lorna Road.

Auger Fun


Today I used my Dad’s auger that I have been storing in my basement (over a year) for the first time.  My Dad has even called to check on his auger to see if it was okay but didn’t want to pick it up.  It did the job and cleaned out the drain!

Hamilton credit card acceptor problem – Update


To get the Hamilton credit card acceptor out of the unit there are 4 bolts that hold it into the acw-5.  Unbolt them and the credit card acceptor comes right out.  Then remove 2 screws and the acceptor comes off the holder.  I then mounted the new acceptor and reversed the process, tested my credit card and everything worked great!  Now I can accept credit cards with my acw-5.

Drain clog again?


I had to take out the high pressure drain setup today to try and clear a clog.  I think I need to get the motorized plumber snake out to fix this one.  Sounds like fun right?