Portable “Air Shammee”?


Pulled up to the car wash and saw someone using a portable Air Shammee.  It really did not do that good of a job though because he also had to towel off his bike.

Hamilton Handheld works!


I finally got my Hamilton handheld (TT120EKR2-1) to work with no help from Hamilton support.  Hamilton support always blamed the $411 handheld unit (which I have 2 of) saying there was a problem with them.  Of course Hamilton is not allowed by the manufacturers of the handheld to repair the handheld.  So support just recommends to replace the handheld, never mentioning the data cord, which I already had a problem with.  So I got a replacement data cord and everything worked great.

How to accept tokens in a Hamilton ACW-5


The Hamilton ACW-5 is designed to accept tokens but it is also designed to recycle quarters.  So Marcus (original owner) made this box to catch the tokens and quarters so the coin hopper will not get jammed.  So I installed the box today!