Fixing the Weep System? – Update


Apparently I wired my weep system up incorrectly because today two of my bays would blow fuses when turned to rinse.  It is really 2 problems: one problem was my ground for the 2 bays was bad and the second problem was that I did not hook up the weep system correctly, duh!

Fixing the Weep System?


Most unprofessional weep wire job ever?  Well the solenoid valve that I was replaced was 24 volts and mine is 110 volts.  Solution?  Just use an extension cord!  Also I had lots of extra parts left over.

Am I cheap or practical? You decide!


My Weep Mizer was giving me the wrong temperature so I went to Lowes to purchase a thermometer.  I really wanted to purchase an ir thermometer but my cheap / practical side made me purchase the $5 digital thermometer instead of the ir for $64.98.


My Weep Mizer says it was 43 degrees and the cheap thermometer said it was 38 degrees.


Greg told me that there was a screw on the censor to adjust the temperature on the Mizer.  I decided to just adjust the start temperature by 5 degrees!

Why reading sometimes is good?


Yes, I already got this fixed before.  Yes, I might have broken it while installing it the first time.  Yes, I think Dixmor is the best for repairing stuff.

 So I installed the DX-1000 Weep Mizer which means that I had to remove my Rube Goldberg weep system.


I purchased an Asco Red-Hat II normally open solenoid.  After installing the solenoid I needed to attach the 3 wires coming out of the solenoid.  I decided to install the 2 red wires to the black wire and the green and yellow wire to the white power wire.  This was the wrong way and not cutting the power first caused a huge mini-sun flash.  It also turned my glove black and shocked me pretty good, making my pinkie numb.  I closed my eyes and I could still see this bright light.  Then after installing the wires correctly I figured out that I installed the solenoid the wrong direction.  The solenoid would not close all the way when installed the wrong way, who would have thought?  So the moral of the story is to try and read the instructions after you get shocked?