Water Wizard Preparation – First car washed! KIND OF!


We washed the first car today!  Well kind of washed the car: the chemical tanks and holding tanks need to be cleaned.  There is no chemical, the air is not connected (that is why the boom is pressure washing the ground in the 4th picture), and I do not have enough water pressure to wash my little car.  I have a 1″ water line going into the building and Greg said that it should be enough to work so we will look at it tomorrow.

Water Wizard Preparation – Water lines install

Today William and I installed part of the water lines for the Water Wizard.  I am going to use softened water for my chemicals and street water for my high pressure water.  We also setup the RO water for the Wizard.

IMG_9284.JPG –> IMG_9298.JPG –> IMG_9289.JPG

We added a tee and a 1″ water supply to the soft water supply for the chemical lines.  I could not connect everything because I did not have all the correct parts.

IMG_9285.JPG –> IMG_9303.JPG

We added another tee for the RO water and I did not have all the pieces to finish the rest.

IMG_9295.JPG –> IMG_9292.JPG

I did not have all the correct pieces to connect the main water line either.  Maybe tomorrow I will finish.

Plumber – Update


The plumber completed the job today!  The last picture is how the plumber connected the pex to the copper and used one of my buckets.  Not really sure what I expected but a bucket?

The second picture shows where the copper pigtail ends and the pex line (3/4″) starts.  The pex then runs straight up from where the black top and the dirt touch, then it goes around the equipment room and in.  It ended up that the water line was pvc and not copper.

What do you get for $850?


The first 2 pictures are the plumber locating the water line.  The last picture is a fancy device that helps spot water leaks or that is what he claims it was (looks like headphones and a weight on a roap).  You walk in a line with the device and then walk in circles around the building’s concrete foundation.  Seriously though you can guess where the leak is: it is under the building’s concrete foundation.  The plumber was saying that the water line is so deep that he guesses he would have to rip out a huge area outside and inside the equipment room.  Fun.

So the plan is to run a new water line and forget about the crappy copper line.



I still do not know what the yellow wire does but I know it is not the motor starter, that is the red wire.


I could not figure out what the problem was today with my high pressure soap and wax and I knew it had to be a Coleman setup misunderstanding.  So I called Greg and he answered my question over the phone!  The problem I was having was I was getting pressurized water from the water line where I expected gravity feed.  Greg explained to me the way the Coleman unit works, it uses cold water at city pressure for rinse and hot water or gravity feed for high pressure soap and wax.  My problem was exactly what Greg told me over the phone and was a miswiring.  Thanks Greg.