More Land Auctions


The owner of a ton of land that sold out to Walmart decided to get rid of everything.  He auctioned off the rest of the remaining crappy lots.  I hope people will start building crap in the area.  Maybe someone will wash their car sometime while their at it?  🙂

Stupid crap


This Bellsouth phone booth has an interesting sign for not having a pay phone installed. The sign says “Out Of Order”, scary that someone even thought their should be a sign.


This Big Bird house/store is hoping that the Walmart that is “comming” down the street will make his location a “GREA” location. Whatever that means.  I also like the other sign “MonthLy” Rent.  I thought that $1,500 or $800 would be for a full year?


Why would you ever need to write on your car “not 4 sale”?