I hate it when I know what the problem is! – Update


Greg came by my wash today and I talked him into showing me how to troubleshoot my rotary switch.  Greg explained that you should get 24 volts on the hp wax stack, which I was getting.  This means that my rotary switch was working fine.  So we tested from the switch to the terminal block in the meter box, which was all 24 volts.  So this means that the long run had a bad connection.  I found where I crimped them together and there was a problem.  Yeah, problem solved!

Motor starter problem? – Update


I tested out all my 3 phase legs today.  The 3 pictures show all the 3 voltages for all 3 legs.


The 41.9 Volts was obviously the problem so I traced the wire to the box and the wire fell out of the wire nut.  Mep1 and Greg were correct with my problem with the motor starter: it was a wiring problem.  What was weird was the motor starter was working fine then quit working.  Problem solved.  Thanks Mep1 and Greg.