My plan sunk like the Titanic!


Today, I had everything all planned out with moving all the Water Wizard equipment.  I rented 2 flat bed trailers and a fork lift.  The only problem was, out of the 2 trucks we had, neither could pull the fork lift.


So instead of using AABCO Rents, the plan sunk like the Titanic slide in front of Alabama Rentals; where I ordered and confirmed the delivery of the fork lift and this cool blue trailer tomorrow.


I also brought home some Water Wizard accessories and some self serve stuff today.

By the way thanks again Greg for letting me borrow your truck.

Louisiana Invasion!

Picture 669.jpgPicture 675.jpg

I am not kidding: the Louisiana people are invading Alabama. 75% of the cars have a Louisiana tag.  Going the other way are Alabama tags going to help with at&t trailers and “Huffmaster Disaster Response Team”.  Just because this guy named Gustav is coming from Cuba to Louisiana.  He seems like a really bad guy.

Truck questions?


What makes a trailer “Super Heavy”?  I would have to say all trailers would be “Super Heavy” because I can not lift any of them.


Ram 2500 “Big Horn Edition” I did not see any horns on the truck, like the second picture.