I found my hub cap?


Well, I have been driving by this hub cap for a couple months and decided to stop and get my hub cap!  The only problem was it is not my hub cap.  I have found 3 15″ Toyota hub caps and only one  14″ Toyota hub cap (which I lost).  Maybe I can swap 3 bad luck 15″ Toyota hub caps for one 14″ hub cap (any brand?

Last known photo of my Toyota hub cap for my Honda Fit


Well it’s official: I lost my Toyota hub cap again.  I think it is gone forever.  But I did find this 15 inch Toyota hub cap, too bad I need a 14 inch Toyota hub cap for my car.  Maybe I can trade someone?

I have very fond memories of my Toyota hub cap.  Like the time Greg was washing my car: he was showing off his tire cleaner and how well it worked.  It worked so well that large chunks of paint came off the hub cap.  You should have seen Greg’s face…those were the days.