I hate it when I know what the problem is! – Update


Greg came by my wash today and I talked him into showing me how to troubleshoot my rotary switch.  Greg explained that you should get 24 volts on the hp wax stack, which I was getting.  This means that my rotary switch was working fine.  So we tested from the switch to the terminal block in the meter box, which was all 24 volts.  So this means that the long run had a bad connection.  I found where I crimped them together and there was a problem.  Yeah, problem solved!

Hamilton entry unit problem


William was trying to show me how the entry unit works and the Hamilton handheld would not work.  (The handheld, from what I have gathered, programs prices and the credit card computer.)  William called Hamilton to try and get the handheld to work but nothing would work.  Ends up that the cord was messed up (last picture).


I took the $1900 Hamilton credit card computer home with me to fix the handheld cord, which I did.  I did not take the 2 boards apart but the top board looks like an Aprotek modem.

cwguy.com ICA best of show!


This product is coming soon and is just for MDB coin changers/coin mechs right now.  But this cool new MEI product is the Cashflow Series 2000 VNR Vending Recycler.  It has a flashy front bezel with leds on it and can also use standard non-flashy bezels.  But the best feature is the bill recycler piece.  The recycler module holds up to 30 bills then will spit them out for change instead of a bill breaker.  Just think about having one of these in your entry unit and giving bills as change instead of change!

UPDATED 20160820:  http://www.meigroup.com/usa/vending/vending_products/bill_acceptors/vn2700_bill_validator/datasheet.pdf

Bette Midler show

So walking into the show I realized that there were metal detectors? Really? For Bette Midler? Was there an assassination atempt I missed in the news? But after the metal detector, there was “empty your pockets” and you have to “check your camera”! What! Check your camera? I did not even want to take a picture until then. So I took a picture.

The last picture shows the checked camera line.

ICA Trade show smaller?

I got a distributor pass from Trans-Mate so I was able to walk the floor early. (Thanks Trans-Mate; I am actually switching to their chemicals.). The floor seemed smaller than last year with less booths but we will have to wait on attendance. But it is always exciting to walk the floor!

ICA Trade Show 2009!

I got my confirmation for my ICA admission today.  I am excited about going to Vegas and I love the direct flight from Birmingham.  I will be hopefully live blogging, twittering and maybe even taking some video if I get any suggestions (email me anytime).

NEW Rowe $5 upgrades


If the Rowe five dollar upgrade board was released and for sale, this is how you would change it out (like a how-to for a product that does not exist).  You first take out the CCC board from the Rowe changer.  (I lost this guys business card so unfortunately I can not give out his information.  I need to try and get this information from my dad.)  The first picture shows (red arrow) the board that will be replaced.  The second picture shows the board that you will get in the mail.  The distributor said that the kit will also come with 2 chips like the one next to his thumb.  He also said that the chip on your old board will be labeled and that type needs to be on your new board.  He is also pointing at the notch (third picture) that you have to line up with the notch on the ccc board.  Looks pretty easy and he said he will be selling them for around $66. 

Update:  I believe that I found his business card.  Jess Vasquez from Baca’s Changer Service & Sales Inc. bcschangers.com