Coin jam dilemma

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Someone called me and said he lost $0.75 in the vacuum. Then, after I asked which vacuum, he said he lost $2.00 (this always seems to happen when you are nice).  When I get to the vacuum it looks like the last person used a screwdriver and tried to fix the jam.  Do you call the customer back and ask him why he screwed up the sensortron coin acceptor?  Or do you just call and act like nothing happened?  Or do you just not call back?

How to fix a GinSan Sensortron?

I purchased 4 Sensortron insert only from Kleen-Rite (CB0190) for $66.99 andit was an easy swap.  After purchasing the inserts, I figured out all my broken coin acceptors are IDX acceptors.


All you have to do in unscrew 1 screw and the broken insert comes out.


Pop it in and put the metal piece on.

Montezuma’s Revenge?


Is the Montezuma Tequila and the IDX X-10 coin acceptor breaking related?  Is it Montezuma’s Revenge on not purchasing a Sensortron?  Is it possible to fix an IDX X-10 for less then what it cost to purchase a new one?

Sensortron problem


Not really sure how this happens? But there was a coin jam.  Also some D/H Max-Vend II problems. I’m never quit sure why this happens. I guess it just likes to cause trouble.