International Carwash Association Trade Show 2010


Here are some more pictures from the ICA show.  I always go by the ERIE booth but I didn’t purchase anything this year.  I went by Self Service CarWashNews to take a magazine even though I subscribe, for the flight back.  I also like to go by Ra-Lock but their products seemed the same this year.  Which I guess is good?  No real break in problems this year.

Classic Car Wash – Self Service – Full Service, Pell City

All E’s car wash sold out to Classic Car.  I was too lazy to drive in to take better pictures, but I did do a drive by.


Below are some old pictures of the car wash.  Want more pictures?  Click HERE.  This car wash is down the street from my Dad’s carwash.  Classic Carwash was giving away free washes last Friday and my Dad said that his business was actually up that day. Weird.

602 Martin St. S, Pell City, AL 35128