My sister sent me some pictures of a car wash on her travels.


This car wash was located next to the wharf in Orange Beach.  Looks like a really nice car wash and I like the little kid tricycle tied up in the tree with christmas lights.  Nice touch.


I like the changer sign in the first picture.  The second picture shows the Coke machine on the left and the equipment room roof.  I guess they remodeled the car wash and they “raised the roof”.

Please send in your pictures of your car wash and I will post them.

Mark VII makes the most inaccessible self serve unit ever?


I know I am always complaining about my Mark 7 self serve equipment, but it is only when I need to try and fix something.  The first picture shows the solenoid and needle valve that brings the wax to the high pressure water.  I needed to remove the needle valve, which sounds easy.  You just have to take the solenoid all apart and everything is so cramped, it is just terrible.  The second picture shows; on the left the high pressure soap solenoid valve and on the right the wax solenoid valve.  The high pressure soap it under the motor and is even harder to get to then the wax.  I hope that Mark 7 has changed some of this layout.  But I guess the previous owner could have did this?