Plumber – Update


The plumber completed the job today!  The last picture is how the plumber connected the pex to the copper and used one of my buckets.  Not really sure what I expected but a bucket?

The second picture shows where the copper pigtail ends and the pex line (3/4″) starts.  The pex then runs straight up from where the black top and the dirt touch, then it goes around the equipment room and in.  It ended up that the water line was pvc and not copper.

Hydrominder Problem


This is an interesting problem where the pvc looks like it is not level and makes the hydrominder stick. I am not sure how this problem just started though. It was leaking into the presoak tank and on the floor. I also have an action packed video.


UPDATE:  Solution

Why PVC is not always a great idea?


I had to replace the 1/2″ schedule 80 pvc elbow with a metal street elbow today, because of a small leak.  I am going to replace the solenoid later so I did not replace all the pvc for now.  I guess the weep solenoid (sprinkler system solenoid) may have worn out the pvc (from cutting on and off) and caused a small crack.


I also installed the last Flojet pump.  Now I just need to put the last 2 Flojet pumps online.