How not to remove a pulley? – Update


After Mep1 told me I was heating up the wrong thing, I took his advise and heated up the pulley this time.  I believe that my problem is the wheel puller end that goes on the shaft is too fat?  The last picture shows the furthest I can pull the pulley off. 

I also beat the pulley with a hammer after a chunk of the pulley flew off and I picked it up like I was retarded.

How not to remove a pulley? – Update


So I tried to remove the pulley again. I tried Bill’s suggestion on heating the pulley. It worked heating the shaft but now the puller and this little metal piece (in the second picture) is not allowing the puller to pull. I gave up for now.

Original Post link Bill’s quote: “I have done the same, breaking a stuck pulley. 2 ways you could have removed the pulley. 1. heat the shaft with a cutting torch. The heat would have expanded the pulley and the puller would have removed it. by putting some tension on the puller first, and then adding heat, the pulley would have popped free. 2. Since the motor was junk anyways, you could have cut the motor shaft off with the pulley attached, and either had it pressed out at a auto parts store, or put the pulley loosely on top of a vise and hammered the shaft through to remove it. Always and I do mean always use antisieze on everything you assemble to help you at a future time in case it ever needs disassembly.”

Air Compressor problem


I figured out what was wrong with my Dad’s air compressor, it had no oil in it.  So I purchased some compressor oil and it still does not work.  All I have to do to get the compressor working is spin the pump pulley while flipping it on.  This will start the compressor working.  I guess since I ran the compressor without oil, the pump is ruined?  Or is their a way to fix it?

How not to remove a pulley?


So I purchased the Harbor Freight “3 Jaw Puller Set” (32184) today for $12 and proceeded to put together all the pullers.  I installed the correct puller then broke the pulley.


I guess I needed to remove the pen thing first (2nd picture with arrow)?  Not really sure how to remove it though.  I already removed the screw but not quite sure how to slide the piece out?  

Trying to fix an air compressor


I am trying to fix one of my air compressors that I have laying around in the basement.  I have one motor that seems to work but the pulley is missing.  So I need to remove a pulley off a non-working motor and put it on a working motor.  I have never done this before but I did remove the nut thing on the side and I guess I need a puller pulley set?  I will try and purchase a set tomorrow from Harbor Freight.