Car Accident


Police report:  White car drove off road then went into ditch.  Not good.  Driver hurt.  Someone called 911.

Don’t ask me how I got the Police report.  I have connections.

Police Officer Quits Job?


It looks like a Police officer might have had enough stress in the area today.  Look a little closer at this garbage… can you see the evidence?  (Good maybe you should be a detective for the Police department since they only have 2.  Just kidding… the Police officers here are unbelievably nice and helpful.)  The officer left a shotgun, handgun, billy club, hand cuffs and a run over vacuum hose……

Police Called – Again


Nothing better than the Police calling you.  Well actually this time it was a good thing.  One of my water lines fell apart and water was just flowing out the front of the building.  Not cool.  Then I could not find the water main in the front of the building.

Car Wash on FIRE?


Looked like a full service down the street from where I live had a little fire?  4 Hoover Police suvs, 3 Fire trucks, 1 Fire suv and 1 Ambulance.

I believe it is Regal car wash on Lorna Road.

Love Looney Tunes?


I like Looney Tunes as much as the next person but I don™t know if I would put “Looney Tunes” on my car.  The trunk says “Back Off”.  I imagine the Police would really like that.

Speeding tree?


I got part of a tree that was cut down today.  I also found a speeding ticket.  I never will understand this speeding ticket scam.  This is how it works:  1) You are driving your car at the speed you want.  2) The Police do not approve of the speed you want to drive.  3) Short buzz cut guy writes you a ticket.  4) The carbon copy technology does not work and you can not read your ticket.  5) (This is the scam part.) You have to pay for a reprint of the ticket.  What!

The moral of the story is: if the amount you have to pay is low, it is okay for low quality tickets.  If the ticket amount is high, I expect a nice copy detailing my driving abilities.  Maybe the city should get the non-legable copy and you get the original? 

Break-in attempt


A couple of morons tried to break-in to my meter box and safe.  Why would someone try to break-in to the coin acceptor entry (first picture top arrow)?  They did get the bike lock off (it was weakened by previous attempts) but I guess the lock that was left was scary?  They also tried to drill out the Medeco lock.  They were not even close, thank goodness.  It is a shame because how stupid are people to think that it is so easy to break-in to something that is left unattended all the time?


Not really sure on the make and model of this car?  If I knew I would get the Birmingham Police straight on the case.  Maybe this time they will say:  “So they did not take anything?  Why are you here again?”