Muddy day


A muddy day today, all the bays.  Also, they found a new path to do that truck “red neck thing”.

4/5 Star accident


This guy almost made it past the “End Doubled Fines” sign.  I guess he has to pay double for the damages?


This retard decided to go off roading in a BMW. Apparently there is mud in the median. But I don’t think he would have made it anyway.


I think that maybe this guy might have caused a traffic jam to cause the wrecks on I20-59? Actually, it was a perfect good accident: 1) Nice guard rail action, 2) retard driver, 3) traffic had to stop to look, and 4) some retard took pictures.

Some annoying and fun problems


I got to dig out pits at both of my carwashes, which is always fun.  I had a RO leak which rained on me when I was in the equipment room, which was fun.  Then I somehow got a stick stuck under my car, which was fun for a while.  But the sound of scratching gets a little annoying.

Small presoak leak


I always like having a leak in the low pressure functions.  I guess that is why you have to check them all the time?


It was also one of those days when every one of the bays had mud in it, FUN!

Below freezing fun – Update


I finished the fun septic tank digging for now.  If you look at the back wall you can tell how much crap I dug out (first picture).  The next picture shows what it looked like originally.  The arrow in the middle shows the pvc pipe.  Also I dug out a bay.

Below freezing fun


What is the best thing that could happen when it is below freezing all day?  A stopped up septic tank.  Yea!


I dug out alot of mud today.  But I still think the mud is above the drain.  I think the crap will settle and start to drain correctly.  But the water seems to drain very slowly now.