I Want My Case Quarter Back!


Greg taught me this foreign phrase, I am not sure of the origin.  The phrase “case quarter” apparently is referring to a actual quarter.  So if someone says “Can I get a case quarter?” that translates to:  “Hey I have two dimes and a nickel and a need a quarter!  Can you help me out?”  Oh and here is a Pro Tip for anyone that uses this “case quarter” phrase:  if you keep repeating it the other person isn’t all of a sudden going to understand what it means!

Moody tear down fun?


William did some demo to remove the Hamilton entry unit.


I removed all 4 meter boxes today, which was really not that bad.


We also moved the Water Wizard pumping station over the pit today, which is great.  The last picture shows the stuff I got today.



I have always liked the i-wash setup and I am trying to get some more information on their product to do a little review on their product.  Don Scordo (president of iwash) sent me these pictures of their equipment.  The first picture is a 4 bay setup, I really love how compact and clean it is.  (A little nicer setup then mine.)  The second picture is their factory floor and the third picture is a 6 bay but I am not really sure why it is so large?

I also like their meter boxes but you will have to go to their web site at www.iwash.biz then i-wash then brochure. 

Question?  I am trying to remember the name of a vendor that sells a system which just uses injectors to deliver the products.  They also vend about 14 different products.  If someone could tell me the name of the company I could send you a prize?  Like a smelly baseball cap or something?