Klean-Wall VS Mister Plumber ($1 Store Crap) – Update


Well after the head to head death match between Klean-Wall and Mister Plumber, I decided to purchase…….. Klean-Wall!  Why you ask?  Because it has a “corrosive” sticker on it.  It looks cooooool!  Oh and a warning label.  I forgot how much it costs but it was around $80 and I got it delivered free from a local guy!  Thanks Mike.

Klean-Wall VS Mister Plumber ($1 Store Crap)


I got a sample of Klean-Wall free from his website at apchemical.com and I purchased some Mister Plumber from some Dollar Store down the street.  The Fake Drano contains: water, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide and surfactants.  The Klean-Wall contains: magic.


Both sections look equally as bad.  The directions on the Klean-Wall said 3-5 minutes so I let both chemicals stay on 5 minutes.


The Klean-Wall after 5 minutes did a lot better job (first picture).  But the Fake Drano did a pretty good job.


I reapplied the Fake Drano and let it sit for 30 minutes.  It turned out a lot better but not as good as the Klean-Wall.  But for the price of the Fake Drano maybe you should try Fake Drano over Klean-Wall?