International Carwash Association Trade Show 2010


First day of the ICA show!


They made a new rule this year for certain people that go around and solicit businesses for sales / advertising, but they did not enforce it.  It is really a big problem and I guess you would just have to turn them in?

I really didn’t do anything today besides talk to people and really didn’t get around to taking that many pictures.


This is a view from my window.  If you like tennis I guess it is okay?

How to spot Rowe counterfeit parts?


One of the reps in the Rowe International booth, at the ICA Meeting, told me this tip.  Not really sure if it is true, but I guess I need to find a new service tech.  The belts on the underside of the BA50 bill acceptor should be green.  If the belts are black that means that the belts are not Rowe belts.  It sounds good because I have some with black and some with green.