Someone left some sheetrock which would have been nice if I needed it.  I also figured out that the air gauge on my Harbor Freight regulator (92261) was broken which did not last very long (I had just installed it).

How not to remove a pulley?


So I purchased the Harbor Freight “3 Jaw Puller Set” (32184) today for $12 and proceeded to put together all the pullers.  I installed the correct puller then broke the pulley.


I guess I needed to remove the pen thing first (2nd picture with arrow)?  Not really sure how to remove it though.  I already removed the screw but not quite sure how to slide the piece out?  

Trying to fix an air compressor


I am trying to fix one of my air compressors that I have laying around in the basement.  I have one motor that seems to work but the pulley is missing.  So I need to remove a pulley off a non-working motor and put it on a working motor.  I have never done this before but I did remove the nut thing on the side and I guess I need a puller pulley set?  I will try and purchase a set tomorrow from Harbor Freight.