I Blew a Fuse!


My FragraMatics Vacuum blew a fuse and I had to replace it.  It uses a ABC-10BC3 which is a 10amp 250v fuse.

Have I ever mentioned that the FragraMatics Vacuums are a pain to work on?  6 screws to take off the top and they use security screws?   Jim Coleman’s Vacuums only have 1 and no security screw.  I really do like the security screw, but 6?    At least it could be 4 maybe 3?

Can a fuse be swapped with a breaker?


I had a Fragramatics vacuum blow its fuse (FNM-30), which is a time delay.  I know that the Coleman vacuums use a breaker (not sure what kind) and not a fuse.  So my question would be: could I just swap them out?  I do realize that the breaker will not fit in the fuse holder (I did have that shape discovery toy as a child).