Photo time!

I wanted to get some professional pictures done of one of my dogs for a project I am working on.  So of course I called my sister Meredith.  She did a great job.  These are some of my favorites!  Thanks Meredith!


Can you believe it?

Picture 172.jpgphoto(4).jpg

Can you believe that all our dogs got published in the Birmingham News Pets section on July 20, 2008?  But now that Rocco, Lola and Pepsi are all famous, they don’t want to make direct eye contact.  The second picture shows how you have to plead with them just to look at you.  I think that all the attention and popularity is going to their heads.

Actual snow in Alabama?


It actually snowed in Alabama?  The weather person was actually correct about it snowing (that was a first)?  It snowed about 1/2 inch and it did not stick on the road like the meteorologist said it would (so I guess the meteorologist got something wrong like normal).

The dogs seemed to like the snow except it was just a little cold (around 30 or below all day).  So basically nothing happened at the car wash, everyone I guess was purchasing milk and bread.