I HATE AT&T and I am NOT Kidding!


Okay I already made my proclamation about my hatred for AT&T.  Now I should give you a reason I guess?  It is very short and easy to fix.

I have a commercial phone line because that is really the only way (I guess) I can get credit cards cleared.  So I pay AT&T $63.94 for their great “commercial” service.  It is so much better then my home service……..  Wait I got rid of them, I forgot.  So I have had no problem with my phone I get over charged for “commercial” services like any “good” company would do.

BUT WHY AT&T DO YOU HAVE TO SELL MY ADDRESS TO EVERYONE ON THIS EARTH!!!!  I haven’t got any mail at my carwash for 5 year now I get mail all the time as soon as I got a phone line.  Oh and it is all just crap and they all know I am a business.  I wonder how that happened?  Weird.  My monthly payment should actually be cheaper then a “home” line because my address is apparently worth money.  I don’t see a credit on my bill for receiving bulk / junk mail.

So what I think I should do is post my address so everyone can enter the address into their bulk / sucker address list!

Here it is.   You can mail anything that slips under the door:  ES Car Wash, 271 Forest Road, Hueytown, AL 35023

If you want to send good stuff like cash and gifts try my po box at:  Eric Wilson, PO Box 48, Dolomite, AL 35061

I need $139.99!


I need $139.99 so I can purchase a Gears of War Lancer from Amazan.com.  Who doesn’t want a motorized chainsaw sounding toy gun?  I know times are tough but I’m not beyond begging.

Send checks or money to:  Eric Wilson, PO Box 48, Dolomite, AL 35061

Can you believe it?

Picture 172.jpgphoto(4).jpg

Can you believe that all our dogs got published in the Birmingham News Pets section on July 20, 2008?  But now that Rocco, Lola and Pepsi are all famous, they don’t want to make direct eye contact.  The second picture shows how you have to plead with them just to look at you.  I think that all the attention and popularity is going to their heads.