Stupid crap


This Bellsouth phone booth has an interesting sign for not having a pay phone installed. The sign says “Out Of Order”, scary that someone even thought their should be a sign.


This Big Bird house/store is hoping that the Walmart that is “comming” down the street will make his location a “GREA” location. Whatever that means.  I also like the other sign “MonthLy” Rent.  I thought that $1,500 or $800 would be for a full year?


Why would you ever need to write on your car “not 4 sale”?

I hate when this happens


I hate when someone vacuums up lots of crap, but it could be worse. Like Greg’s mishap with paint being vacuumed up, which is always good for a little fun. But I also got to dig out a pit which is really where all the fun is at.

Lots of RO problems


Nice little leaky hose.


Another RO problem was when anyone used the RO water, bay 3 got RO water also. This was caused from crap in the solenoid. My RO system is wired to only run when someone activates it in one of the bays.


Every time I touch something on the RO system something has to break. So the brass push lock fittings started to leak. I removed the last 4 left and installed plastic push locks. Done for now, I won this time RO system!

Below freezing fun – Update


I finished the fun septic tank digging for now.  If you look at the back wall you can tell how much crap I dug out (first picture).  The next picture shows what it looked like originally.  The arrow in the middle shows the pvc pipe.  Also I dug out a bay.

Below freezing fun


What is the best thing that could happen when it is below freezing all day?  A stopped up septic tank.  Yea!


I dug out alot of mud today.  But I still think the mud is above the drain.  I think the crap will settle and start to drain correctly.  But the water seems to drain very slowly now.