What kind of crap is this from the University of Arizona?

Here is a  list of stuff I already knew… I mean I learned… from the study.

  1. Married people have more bacteria in their cars than single people
  2. Females have more bacteria in their cars than males
  3. Automobiles with children have more bacteria than without children (What!  NO WAY!)
  4. The greater the mean temperature of a city the greater the number of molds isolated in the automobiles.  (Please explain!  Oh they do.)

Aspergillus,  Ulocladium,  Alternaria,  Penicillium,  Geotrichum,  Chrysosporium,  Trichoderma,  Aureobasidium,  Geomyces,  Chrysonilia

Also all the molds identified from automobiles are everywhere!  You can’t get away from them so why worry about it unless you have a really weak immune system and you probably live in a bubble anyway.

Hamilton credit card acceptor problem


I just realized that my credit card acceptor has not been working for around a week so I checked it out with a voltmeter.  The meter was telling me that the credit card reader was dead.  So I called Hamilton to help me troubleshoot the problem.  First problem was they could not dial into my entry system (acw-5).  So I tried to post a report by hitting F2, F2, Y on the handheld.  That is why the handheld (first picture) had the “LAST POST **ERRORR**” message, this means that the entry unit can not dial out.  The problem ended up being a punch down that broke (second picture).

Then I called Hamilton back again and they trouble shot the credit card acceptor again and declared it dead.  It is still under warranty so Randy Nix at Eagle Car Wash fixed me up and they are going to send me a replacement.  I really appreciate Randy; he is a great Hamilton Distributor and guy.  He even calls back and handles problems for you!

Car Wash on FIRE?


Looked like a full service down the street from where I live had a little fire?  4 Hoover Police suvs, 3 Fire trucks, 1 Fire suv and 1 Ambulance.

I believe it is Regal car wash on Lorna Road.

Hamilton credit card acceptor problem


So after the download procedure I noticed that my credit card acceptor was not working.  It seems very easy to trouble shoot on the acw-5.  There are 2 plugs (second picture) on the back of the reader the second plug (red and black wire) should be 5 V DC.  While the top plug (yellow and brown) should be 5 or 8 V DC, of course it was ZERO V DC.  So I need to purchase a new credit card acceptor because Hamilton does not repair the acceptors anymore.  They cost $320 from Hamilton, but I called my buddy Randy Nix at Eagle Car Wash and he treated me right.

Hooked up anti-freeze based chemical – Update


I think that the anti-freeze won the contest against the water weep system for my foam brush.  But, that is because my weep mizer was messed up and I needed to readjust it another degree.  For the water weep system, only 2 out of 4 bays were weeping while the anti-freeze worked in all the bays.  I also needed to salt the bays today.  I was surprised with how many people actually washed their cars today when it was below freezing.