Must be true?


If they say “professional” it must be true.  It is on the side of a laundry mat.  It seems like everyone is starting a car wash and also closing them.


Their old sign, or maybe new people?

A new hospital opened up?


I was driving by the 19th street car wash today and noticed a new hospital is opening.  What is weird is that the house (second picture) does not match the sign (third picture).  Middle Creek Medical Center, McCalla

C-2000 Hamilton changer controller


I purchased an extra c2000 Hamilton controller.  I have always wanted an extra controller but I also want an extra Mars bill acceptor.  I was testing out the new controller and it had a weird problem.  It seems to shut down if you put in 3-4 bills in less than 30 seconds and then it restarts after 5 minutes.  It did this 3 times in a row and I will email Randy and see what the problem could be.

Captain Cook car wash pressure washing machine- double Item number: 270213125165


Check out the Captain Cook Cleaning System on ebay.  I do not remember hearing anything about Cook Machinery Co. Inc., Dallas, Texas at the ICA show.  But I have not gone to the ICA in a while.  This equipment has an interesting design, but with the pictures provided it is hard to judge.  So if you can not afford the iwash system why not purchase the Captain Cook system?