Bette Midler show

So walking into the show I realized that there were metal detectors? Really? For Bette Midler? Was there an assassination atempt I missed in the news? But after the metal detector, there was “empty your pockets” and you have to “check your camera”! What! Check your camera? I did not even want to take a picture until then. So I took a picture.

The last picture shows the checked camera line.

Water Wizard Preparation – Entry unit trench


(See if you can figure out when my Canon camera broke and I had to start using my iphone.)

Today, I started my entry unit trench. I cut the blacktop out and dug up 4 feet of the 12 feet that needs to be dug up.  (The pay station will be installed 15 feet from the rails?  Or at least that is where I am planning to install mine for now.)