The Great City of Wylam


So if the estimated population for the zip code of Wylam is 6,600 in 2008,is everyone in the whole city going back to school?  I guess they are going to bus people in from miles around!  Not sure why they picked Wylam for the location though?

Enrollment Statistics for Wylam Schools?

Grade Level Comparison Graph.png

Population  for the Wylam zip code

Age and Sex of Residents in zip code 35224.png

Dog Food?


What is the deal with the dog food?  Also why does the kid across the street always ask for money to feed his dog?  Coincidence?

Goodman Heat Pump Units


Someone must have stolen someones Goodman heat pump badge.  Then threw it on my lot.  Why?

What is funny is our ac broke and the ac guy told us that Goodman units were the cheapest units and apparently according to him something you shouldn’t purchases.

Garbage Can


Someone tried to help me out by bringing by another garbage can.  That was very nice random person.  Now you can come pick it up and all the crap inside it.

OSHA Would be Proud!


Today I decided to cut boards so I would not fall in the pit in the equipment room.  As long as you are careful it is no big deal!  This was from when someone stole all my grates and I had to use the equipment rooms and some spares I had.  (Pit was 13″ wide and I cut the boards 12 3/4″)

I Love Raking Leaves


Actually, I hate raking leaves!  I wish I did not have any trees at all at my house.  Then I would never have any mess in my yard.  Okay back to the carwash…. someone was raking leaves and decided to dump them mixed with household garbage, HEY!  Yes leaves got everywhere because that box is totally ripped.