This guy stole my garbage can lid – Update


The guy came by the tunnel today to visit me.  I was parked at the road and he saw my car.  He said his local scrap yard sent the lid to the Birmingham scrap yard.  He also said that the Birmingham scrap yard knows him and he was looking for it.  The Police detective also called yesterday and confirmed the story.  E04

Hoover L1405 SpinSweep Pro


Greg purchased the Hoover SpinSweep Pro.  It is nice and easy to dump the garbage out, but it was really hard to test the unit out.  The lot at the tunnel was not that dirty.  He purchased it to clean up at his self serve and he was going to report back if it works well.  The unit seems to work better if you are running.


Also, they are hiring at the tunnel.

Drainage problem


Greg's plan was to bend a pvc pipe to make it possible to clean out between the first clean out tee to the second clean out.  Where the clog is believed to be.


William and Greg had to grind the metal that was blocking the first clean out.  I believe that is Greg's new Hitachi grinder.  William is using his Black and Decker grinder.  I wish I had my Chicago grinder with me also.


William and Greg think they removed the clog.  They will have to see after this weekend.


This is Garry and Greg doing something?  They were filling up the pipe to test and see if it was draining correctly.  It seemed to work fine.

Drainage problem


This morning William jumped in the pit, pulled off the pvc pipe and tried to snake it again.  He could not unclog it though.

Drainage problem


The holding tank was drained pretty low today.  Greg and William tried to snake the clog out again today.


William volunteered to cut the tee off in the pit.


Looks like a lot of fun, but William and Greg never got the clog out.

The question is: Turn the car away or not?


She wanted to clean her wheels.  Greg never gave me a clear answer did I mess up or not, should I have refused her or not.  William gave me a clear answer, he said it was a bad idea.  But the conclusion is clear the car made it.  Greg taped the front light and the back license plate light.  Also, the wraps did not get caught in the bumper.  Which is good.

Drainage problem


I heard that William and Greg were working hard so I had to come watch.  There was a clog between the flooded holding tank above and the clean out (In the first picture William is cleaning out the clean out.).  They setup two sump pumps and were draining the above holding tank and the whole tunnel.  It looked like lots of fun and with the cars coming to get washed looked like a loosing battle.