Night club / Car wash


I think it was like one of those cheesy night clubs. The only problem is that it is a car wash and the bays were not rented out. I also was not invited.





Can it get any better, Bud light, ac and Professional Carwashing & Detailing Magazine?


The best thing I ever found in a garbage can.


Well maybe not the best thing I ever found, but if it was colder and not Steel Reserve 211 and actually was "Exceptionally smooth" it would be the best thing ever.  I had never tried 211 before, so I thought why not.


I think as long as you do not stop drinking, you are fine.  The first 211 I got down, it was way to warm and had a killer after taste, which bites you in the end.

The second 211 Malt Liquor did not go down very well at all.  I broke my golden rule of drinking "never waste beer", I had to pour it out.  Wait it was not beer, I did not break my rule.  Yea!


I washed down the 211 I drank with a Pepsi Wild Cherry.  Which I also did not like, but using the same "do not stop" technique like with the 211, it was fine, until you stop.


Yummy Claxton Fruit Cake

Yummy Claxton Fruit Cake can you believe that someone left this at the wash? 


It was on the ground but it was for me.  Thanks whoever did it.


It was the first time I got a fruit cake and was very thoughtful.

Merry Christmas

DQ Blizzard


Today was a great day I found a DQ Blizzard at the car wash.  I felt like no one even drank any of the creamy goodness.


Then I became saddened by the fact there was no straw.  But the person that left the Blizzard dropped the straw in front of me at my feet.


I inserted the straw.


Every thing is great.  My Blizzard is ready to drink.


It must have been sitting in the sun to long.  It tasted really bad.


So I had to dump it in the dumpster.  I was very disappointed.  I guess it was not my lucky day.