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FloJet Test Site


I purchased these FloJet pumps with motors a loooooong time ago and today I decided to try them out.  They actually worked!  I am thinking of installing the 3 x 35-OM pumps at Wylam to replace my FloJet air pumps.  The only problem it I need a presser switch.

Basement treasures series: Installment 1

The basement treasures series may be a frequent blog entry over the next few months.  Don’t worry: you can purchase anything you want from the basement treasures series!  Everything in the series somehow actually fits in my basement!  The first installment is a:

3 1/2 Bay Mark VII Proline Series VII from November 13, 1987



3 – Cat plunger pumps
4 – Leeson 3 HP motors with belt guards
Dilution tank base it rusting out and missing a leg!
2 -Flojet pumps

Pulled from closing carwash, which is now a new CVS site.

Don’t you want to purchase this?  If not don’t worry.  I have a 4 bay Clean Concepts unit that I will be featuring also.