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Signs to help you out!


First picture:  You would start getting angry because it is graffiti.  Then you read it and it says “Not A GanG Just Graffiti!” then you feel better.  Who really cares that they vandalized the building and it looks bad? (This was on the thrift store building when I gave them my never used 10 year old assembled grill that I must have moved 8 times.)

Second picture:  I really like the colorful vacuum hoses that I purchased from Erie Brush.  So do the grasshoppers.

Third picture:  I has driving to my car wash and noticed this sign.  So, if anyone needs a gas stove give them a call.

BioShine product review

I have been having some computer difficulties and I finally got the video made.  It is really fancy… you should check it out.  I would be interested to see how this product works in a Simoniz Tire Shine Applicator http://cwguy.com/?p=1695 .  Maybe my Dad will try it out?


I used an Erie Wheel Wizard brush and the BioShine spray bottle.  Sprayed on great and was not drippy.  Really shined up the tires very impressed.  Check out the video.


Some additional information from JoeNardis and BioShine that was sent with the sample was:

The product cost 5 Gal $49 and 55 Gal drum $469 plus shipping.  No freight on 4 drums or more (US only).  Also some prices on the “Shinemaster” machines, Coin-operated $2199, with Dixmore display $2399, and the express detail machine $1287.  Give him a call for more information.  Crown Car Wash Inc 412-367-1501

List of benefits for using Bioshine is:  Environmentally safe product, great for reclaim, low cost, biodegradable, no silicon, no slippery floors or pavement, water based 

Erie brush vacuum hoses


I purchased this 50 foot long vacuum hose from Erie Brush at the ICA show.  I like the multi-colors and the inside wall is a lot smoother.  It will be interesting to see how well it last.

By the way, do you want to see the worst web site in the car wash industry?  Well check out Erie Brush’s site:  http://www.eriebrush.com/  This web site makes me want to start web developing again and do pro bono work.