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Best Find Ever?


Okay so I found this DVD in the garbage.  Usually I take the previous owners opinion on the objects I find in the garbage cans and just throw it in the dumpster.  But this time I saw a DVD with a fox on it.  I like foxes and the title was FOX NO HOLES BARRED!  Not really sure what that meant but I thought why not give it a try?  So I brought it home and found out that it wasn’t about foxes at all!  It was about females!  It had no plot and they took their clothing off really fast (not sure why maybe it was hot outside?).  Another thing weird was there was blurred out areas around where the males and females took their pants off!  It was really weird!

Someone Stole My Vacuum!


The worst feeling is driving up to the carwash and everything looks fine then all of a sudden you notice…….. you are missing a VACUUM!  Well I had to call the Police and talk to them, which is fun.  But when I started to dump some garbage I thought my luck was turning around.


I found the vacuum on my lot behind my dumpster.  I was surprise how they got the money out.  But what was really surprising was the damage they inflicted on the vacuum.  The vacuum is totaled, at least that is what I would say.  It is amazing what they did to it.  It really makes me mad….  and they probably will come back, which is worse!