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Hamilton credit card acceptor problem – Update


To get the Hamilton credit card acceptor out of the unit there are 4 bolts that hold it into the acw-5.  Unbolt them and the credit card acceptor comes right out.  Then remove 2 screws and the acceptor comes off the holder.  I then mounted the new acceptor and reversed the process, tested my credit card and everything worked great!  Now I can accept credit cards with my acw-5.

Water Wizard Preparation – Gantry test


I labeled the “box of power” today, actually it has only 3 things and the electrician told me the answers.  William and I turned the power on and moved the gantry for the first time today and there was a problem.  The third picture shows how the gantry gearbox bolts hits the rail bolts.  So William cut off all the bolts then the gantry can move back and forth.

Honda Fit brake change


2 weird things with my little Honda Fit: 1) This car bolts the brake fluid hose to the car. 2) This car also seems to wear the inside brake pads a lot more then the outside pads (left side is the inside pad, the last picture is the outside pad). Usually I thought that the pads should wear evenly?


New pads after 25,000, not very good. I must not drive very well?