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EASY STREET! Very Confidential – UPDATE

Dr. Edward Rowe is Funny Looking.

So I had to email back my bff Dr. Edward Rowe.  Below is my email.

271 Forest Road, Hueytown, AL 35023

Ready to help you invest your money el friendo! Oh by the way I have a Rowe Changer so I am qualified to help!
Your Best Friend Ever!

I mean what is Dr. Edward Rowe going to do send me more junk checks junk mail then AT&T?

This was his response I don’t think that they read my email?  What do you think?  RESPONSE HERE

When Your GPS Device Tries to KILL!


The plan was to donate some stuff to a different thrift store near my car wash so I programed it into my gps.  Well, the gps took me a scary way past “D&W Convenience Store” that just started selling “Soulfood”.   But later down the road I saw another even scarier sign: “Vote Democratic”!  I have never seen one of these.  It hurt my eyes then someone gave me a check…. sweet!  Next I drove by the best business plan ever!  A Package Store called “Package Store” that also does “Budget Tax Returns” for $39.00!  Who isn’t looking for a budget tax return?


When I was in the thrift store I found a real treasure!  The original Reeboxs in the best color!  While driving away I spotted a rent to own place that buys gold and sells rims!  Yes!  The third picture is the owners car I guess?  I was hungry and brave so I went in Hardees, which didn’t want to be out done, so they had scary people and a bald spare tire randomly in the dining area?

I HATE AT&T and I am NOT Kidding!


Okay I already made my proclamation about my hatred for AT&T.  Now I should give you a reason I guess?  It is very short and easy to fix.

I have a commercial phone line because that is really the only way (I guess) I can get credit cards cleared.  So I pay AT&T $63.94 for their great “commercial” service.  It is so much better then my home service……..  Wait I got rid of them, I forgot.  So I have had no problem with my phone I get over charged for “commercial” services like any “good” company would do.

BUT WHY AT&T DO YOU HAVE TO SELL MY ADDRESS TO EVERYONE ON THIS EARTH!!!!  I haven’t got any mail at my carwash for 5 year now I get mail all the time as soon as I got a phone line.  Oh and it is all just crap and they all know I am a business.  I wonder how that happened?  Weird.  My monthly payment should actually be cheaper then a “home” line because my address is apparently worth money.  I don’t see a credit on my bill for receiving bulk / junk mail.

So what I think I should do is post my address so everyone can enter the address into their bulk / sucker address list!

Here it is.   You can mail anything that slips under the door:  ES Car Wash, 271 Forest Road, Hueytown, AL 35023

If you want to send good stuff like cash and gifts try my po box at:  Eric Wilson, PO Box 48, Dolomite, AL 35061

Break In Attempt?


Not really sure if someone tried to break in to get their Little Tree, but the machine was out of order and I lost TONS of vending sales!

Speaking of vending sales Greg and I were talking about vending machines breaking.  He also has an old Dilling & Harris Max-Vend II Vendor.  It really doesn’t make any sense to purchase an expensive vendor since the vendor costs around $3,500 to only make $100 gross a month?  Then you have to stock the machine and if your lucky you make $50 net.  You could do that with a couple crappy drop vendors.

So the plan is to sell the Maxy while it still works then install drop vendor!  Take the money and purchase a sign or something that could actually make you some money!

Professional Carwashing & Detailing – Spam/Email?


I just got a spam email from Professional Carwashing & Detailing about Jim Coleman’s “Hot New Look!” and by the email it hints that maybe Jim is changing their color sceme?  Does Jim Coleman really want to keep up with the “lastest color tends for your carwash”?  I hope so I really like Jim Coleman stuff but that teal color or the Lamborghini? Come on!

The product they were promoting in the email was also interesting:   a vacuum and air machine, which is a great idea.  Not really sure why it needs 2 coin acceptors though?  But the sticker is better!

Motor Starter Meltdown


My motor starter looks like one of the legs fried? One wire melted (first picture) and the terminal in the contactor melted (second and third picture) and it also blew my three phase breaker. My question is: What do you think the problem is? Is it just the motor starter? Pump motor? Who knows what the problem is? I guess I will know after I check the voltages and replace the contactor like Greg suggested.

sprecher & schuh CA7-16-10 (contactor)
sprecher & schuh CEP7-M32 Ser-B Current range – 12-32A Trip class -10 (overload protector)