Lock in


Greg told me to watch out for this. The security door opens the wrong way and when closed makes the inside door vary hard to over. I installed a door stop but it broke off a couple days ago. After opening the door I noticed that I made the frame of the door come off the wall.


Wylam price change


Today, I reduced time and money at Wylam. Was $1.50 for 4 minutes and 40 seconds for a quarter. Now $1.00 for 2 minutes and 40 seconds and 40 seconds for a quarter. I also put up $1.00 stickers. Setting: $100: A: 4, B: 40, C: 2:00, D: 10, E: 0, F: 0, H: 40 $150: A: 6, B: 0, C: 4:00, D: 10, E: 0, F: 0, H: 40



I played golf today and did not do anything at the washes. At least I shot well, 11 over par on the front nine.