After the first freeze


I order hose to replace all low pressure. I had way to many problem with brittle old hose.


 I also had a swivel break.  A swivel saver break.


Then my high pressure soap was not working in one of my bays. I called Greg and he instructed me to turn down the water pressure and I would create a suction that would clean out the line. He was correct again and after runing with low water it started to work again. 


But while I was in the proccess of fixing this problem. I broke the insulated lance. I had a band holding the high pressure on and it shot out of the holder. 

Lock in


Greg told me to watch out for this. The security door opens the wrong way and when closed makes the inside door vary hard to over. I installed a door stop but it broke off a couple days ago. After opening the door I noticed that I made the frame of the door come off the wall.


Wylam price change


Today, I reduced time and money at Wylam. Was $1.50 for 4 minutes and 40 seconds for a quarter. Now $1.00 for 2 minutes and 40 seconds and 40 seconds for a quarter. I also put up $1.00 stickers. Setting: $100: A: 4, B: 40, C: 2:00, D: 10, E: 0, F: 0, H: 40 $150: A: 6, B: 0, C: 4:00, D: 10, E: 0, F: 0, H: 40