What happened to AWESOME Signs?

“Back in the Day” signs seemed to be way more creative than anything new.  I believe this is Glencoe, Alabama…. this is near Gadsden, Alabama.

I do not think I have any personal car wash sign pictures but you understand my point.  Nothing says mediocre like a large rectangle or circle sign…..  BORING!  BUT TWO HUGE INDIAN ARROWS WITH AN INDIAN CHIEF HEAD.  THAT HAS BAD ASS WRITTEN ALL OVER IT!  Also who wouldn’t want to eat at the “Big Chief”?  Crap besides a gas station this might be it anyway!  LOL 🙂

I quit eating chicken for years because of this…. Seriously

Well…. I eat chicken now though.  What is wrong with cramped quarters,  animals defecating on each other and not being able to stand up going to the slaughter house?  Do not get me wrong…. I was not a loser hippy, tree hugger, picketing chicken plants for the non-chicken years.  Seriously I got to go…. I need some chicken nuggets!  LOL 🙂

The real problems with a Homeowners association!

Our homeowners association is a total joke for serious reasons.  But my problem is this…. FACEBOOK!  15 posts of bitching and Craigslist post.

My favorite….
“Good afternoon,
I just want to remind everyone (and remind your kids) to use the proper neighborhood access to the nature trail and river. It is located at the end of…. I am an ass Lane. Please don’t cut through other neighbors houses.”

Sure this happened to me…. I cried my self to sleep for a month after I called the Police.  SERIOUSLY I hope this pisses me off this bad one day!  LOL 🙂  BTW I caught someone urinating on my fence (like a dog) also…. I thought that was being GREEN so you have to allow that right?  JK 🙂  I just yelled at him.

Well today…. Some annoying? kid got kicked out of their house to attempt to play the drums.  NO ONE COMPLAINED ABOUT ANNOYING PARENTS POLLUTING THE ENVIRONMENT ON FACEBOOK!  WHY!  WHY!

BTW sure I am acting like a baby (like them) but our family had to stay inside while the onslaught of hidious sound assulted us!  🙂

Stupid Hat Listing or Stupid People…. You be the judge? :)

I can not state at what point people because totally stupid…. but I believe it has happened. LOL 🙂 BTW This is the amazon.com link

Does this stupid $13 hat include a $400 GoPro Hero5 Black for FREE? LOL 🙂  2 people actually asked this question…. Why?

What is always fascinating to me is the person that will ask a question which is blatantly obvious and wait for an answer (I assume) instead of reading the provided title or description.  “Is the pen 1mm or less than 1mm?”  Why not read or look at a picture?  LINK it is scary.  LOL 🙂  I could actually go on….  I will stop.  🙂


I believe I was in Gadsden AL?  🙂  This was obviously a hand wash place with a hose and bucket.  Their name was “God’s Grace” Car Wash…. but their sign said “KEEP Moving FORWARD”.  What does keep moving forward ever refer to?  I like the style though.  BTW…. Yes they were still washing cars.  It was just raining today.

Looks like an old service station I guess…. $20 for “most cars” and $25 for “most trucks”.  I am not sure what that even means?  Do they accept offers…. “How about $15?”  That is normally how I get my lawn cut.  LOL 🙂

Gadsden, AL Self Serve

I am not saying my wash is any better or worse…. This self serve is behind a Exxon gas station: 936 Rainbow Dr, Gadsden, AL 35901

2x ROWE BC-200 I hate to say it…. But there is a 92.94% change that 1 or both do not work. 🙂 One has a pushed in acceptor also…. so 99.992% right? 🙂 Which means no stacker I believe.

This Turtle Wax sign is pretty cool.

Does everyone except for me purchase nice drill bits? Well…. These feel like nice drill bits! :)

Now I just got these: Walter Surface Technologies 01E618 29-Piece Round Shank Jobber’s Length SST+ Drill Bit Set, Orange Like today…. a couple hours ago.  🙂  So these might all break and be total crap…. but I have not touched a drill bit that felt this nice before.  The cutting edges are also very sharp all the way up the bit…. to the touch.  Unlike Dewalt, etc. brands, big box bits.  Also the price is $2.37 a bit…. you probably pay more for crappy bits?  These have to be better…. I would think?  LOL 🙂  I think they claim to last x50 longer than the other stuff I purchased in the past…. so 50 holes I guess?!  LOL 🙂  The bar is really low for me…. I just want the job at hand done.  Maybe the next also?  Using 1 drill bit total!



How do I run air tools from my truck over DC? CHEAP! LOL :)

Has anyone wanted to run some air tools from their truck?  What was your setup?

These are some tools I was to try and use:

Ingersoll Rand 1/4″ Air Die Grinder 3107G  3 CFM
Ingersoll Rand 326G 3-Inch Edge Series Cut-off Air Tool  6 CFM
Ingersoll Rand 170G 3/8-Inch Edge Series Drive Air Ratchet  3 CFM

I was thinking about trying a small DC air compressor…. around 3 CFM @ 90 PSI?  The Puma PD-1021 runs off 12v DC and I would not need to run an inverter (I believe I would need a 2000 watt also and I wanted to try and get a Xantrex inverter).

Then if I get an inverter the question is…. (Inverter I believe is $350-500?)
1) Should I purchase an air compressor? Or just purchase corded tools for the inverter?
2) If I plan on purchasing an inverter why not repurchase everything cordless! LOL 🙂

This idea seems like a bad idea?  Or an expensive plan.