I actually LOL when I read this email! :)

Disclaimer…. Note I did not post the “service provider’s name”…. So I am not disclosing this place.  I also do not know if the claim from Rowe is correct or if it is ever relevant with today’s information?  I am just making no claims here at all.  Just very humorous opinions…. That I personally have concluded over some statements over the years.  🙂

So…. someone just happen to tell me this place provided me counterfeit Rowe parts. http://cwguy.com/?p=2570  The only facts here are…. When Tom Kozlik (from Rowe at the time) told me where I should get my BA-50 serviced I actually listened.  I also never had crap performance out of my Rowe bill acceptors again…. that is a fact.

Back to the email that made me LOL.

Over the last couple of years, we have been having great troubles with what we see as erratic, inconsistent repair parts that we get from Rowe for the BA50 transport. We continue to struggle with this situation, and the inconsistent results it causes. If this situation doesn’t clear-up soon; we may be forced to stop doing BA50 repairs altogether.

I got this email today…. I remember from back in 2008 when at an ICA show. (Again…. It might not be relevant anymore.) But it is a little ironic how the same place that emailed me use to use non-Rowe belts? But now claims that everything is all Rowe’s fault? 🙂 So this place is blaming Rowe for the counterfeit belts they purchase? LOL 🙂 Again usually business practices do not change (from purchasing China knock offs to legit parts?  Rowe parts may be from China…. you get the idea though.  🙂 ) but they might use Rowe parts now?  Just saying I feel like this place at the time should have disclosed they used counterfeit Rowe parts.  Their prices were the same and I feel cheated to be honest….. for the crap performance.  Lets just say I would have paid twice as much to get someone else to service my acceptors if I knew my Dad’s advice was so bad.  Sure I should have known better I guess…. but everyone I ever ask says Rowe BA-50 acceptors are crap.  Makes me wonder now about that guy at the Rowe booth saying he loves the acceptors and how reliable they are.  If that guy or you sent them to Rowe for service you would love them!  Funny how crappy aftermarket service or maybe even aftermarket products can create hatred for a product.

The irony of the Rowe BA-50….  The true irony about maintaining a BA-50 acceptor is there are just better products out there!  Yes the BA-50 works if it is service correctly…. does it still have issues…. Yes.  I also use MARS acceptors…. which with real or counterfeit belts (not sure what I purchased 🙂 ) you can even maintain and fix it yourself.


Father’s Day or Just a Tool Sale :)

Amazon has a lot of their tools on sale for Father’s day if you are in need of something? Or you did not notice their ad?
Up to 35% off Dewalt items! So I believe that mean 35% off retail…. I can never figure out if it is actually a really good deal? 🙂 http://amzn.to/2sBE6H0
Some Dewalt tools have a “Buy $100 get $20 off” like this tool: http://amzn.to/2rSCUB1 I did just purchase the 10 amp for $10 less…. this seems like a good deal?

This is a link to some other tools…. they also have some Gerber multi-tools. I have a used one for sale also! LOL 🙂 http://amzn.to/2rSWP2X

2 types of cars they do not make anymore!

Huge boat sports cars and station wagons! Actually the new Camaro and Mustang are probably around the same size…. but they do not have such HUGE hoods and trunks! LOL 🙂  I always like how a sports car was a 2 door version of the 4 door!  🙂  Plus let’s be honest here…. what is this new category of SUVs that have no cargo space? What good are they? Seriously…. message me they can hardly hold groceries.

Okay a Dewalt tool review! Multi-Bit & Nut Driver Set thing…. or fake Klein? LOL :)

This is mildly car wash related!  🙂  I have been debated purchasing a smaller socket set or a nut driver set…. Well I wanted a set of smaller 1/2″ sockets so I just decided to purchase these after months.  I have an IR set I like but it is missing the smaller sockets and I want 1/2″ because I do not want 25x socket wrenchs…. You get the idea!  🙂

This is the huge Dewalt DWMT73808 multi-bit & nut driver set…. 70 pieces 1/4″.  The reason I purchased this item was for the seemingly complete nut driver set.  I believe it was one of the most complete sets out there?  It also had metric…. which is really great.  The problem is….. this thing is HUGE!


Besides the size…. which I should have checked first.  The hang tag is super annoying which you have to cut off…. it also has 4 little clips which are annoying.  This handle (I might be out of line here) is totally stupid and worthless.

The design of the handle is I believe a complete rip off of the Klein design. In fact only the finnish of the tool and the name makes it a Dewalt. But who know…. Stanley owns about everything right? 🙂

The first picture is the only bit I could get to fall out of place…. which is good. But the case is plastic so it will probably break right? The second picture is more of a questions…. What looks more douche?  Me wearing stupid socks with house slippers…. or me carrying this ugly thing by the handle like a dumbass?  If a handly man came to your house holding that dewalt case could you not laugh or judge him immediately?  If I came to your house wearing these stupid socks and slippers would you laugh and judge?  LOL I would!  🙂  To be honest have you seen a maintenance person ever use Dewalt tools in general?  Just saying…. Like it matters?  But it might indicate reliability?  I have burnt out a hammer drill and a grinder.  But I switched because all my batteries died. 🙂  But the real reason is DeWalt decided to not have hard cases anymore.

Anyway…. I am mixed on this item…. it is huge!  Also kind of stupid and worthless in size.  Unless it is for a home shop or somewhere you can hide it.  🙂  I am thinking I am just going to throw the stuff in my Veto tool bag to be honest.  But the nut driver set is actually really nice and complete.  It might be a purchase at only $29 from Amazon.com?  I purchased it….  I almost like it?  LOL 🙂  LINK for the item.

Well I can not help but purchase these things! It is not my FAULT! LOL :)

I feel like I should share my opinion on these Amazon Fire Kid tablets…. If you have kids?

Well Amazon is running a 20% off when you purchase 3 tablets…. sure it is a lot of them!  I tried a couple kids tablets in the past and the “free time” is really the best value anywhere!  Best money spent I believe.  I purchased 2x Fire HD 8 Kids for $130 a piece and got a crappy Fire 7 free this time.  Apparently the Fire 7 has a better screen now?  I now will have 3x Fire 7 and have never really used them…. I just purchase them because I might use them?  Sure that is stupid!  LOL 🙂  (Plus get it with “Special Offers”…. it is just a screen saver.)

I believe my problem is from long ago when there was a time when you had a pda/tablet and your flip phone.  People in this ancient time…. would pair their pda/tablet with their phone and they could do all sorts for crazy things.  Well the same stuff I could do on my PocketPC in a couple years…. this is before whatever phone Apple makes now?

So have purchased these Amazon Kids Editions tablets for years now and I have just pre-ordered my third set…. so 6 of their kid tablets! 🙂 My son broke one and he also unfortunately lost one. Amazon replaces the broken tablet no questions. When we realized we lost my sons tablet…. sure it what crappy.  But we are talking $100-130 instead of $300-400 for a Apple…. so every year now I get the new tablet and sell the old one.  Plus it has free games, videos and books (“free time”)…. I believe it is a no brainer.  My kids review for the year!  🙂  We also just purchase a Pocket Racer…. should be fun.  Bad reviews but of course my sons wants it!  All he ever watches at our house it the Amazon Fire TV when he gets to watch tv…. at my Wife’s parents house he watches tainted commercial broadcast tv!  OMG!  LOL 🙂  (We have the gaming Fire TV…. there is not very many games though.  They claim 15,000 though…. internal memory is crap also.  But I love the device.)

What happened to AWESOME Signs?

“Back in the Day” signs seemed to be way more creative than anything new.  I believe this is Glencoe, Alabama…. this is near Gadsden, Alabama.

I do not think I have any personal car wash sign pictures but you understand my point.  Nothing says mediocre like a large rectangle or circle sign…..  BORING!  BUT TWO HUGE INDIAN ARROWS WITH AN INDIAN CHIEF HEAD.  THAT HAS BAD ASS WRITTEN ALL OVER IT!  Also who wouldn’t want to eat at the “Big Chief”?  Crap besides a gas station this might be it anyway!  LOL 🙂

I quit eating chicken for years because of this…. Seriously

Well…. I eat chicken now though.  What is wrong with cramped quarters,  animals defecating on each other and not being able to stand up going to the slaughter house?  Do not get me wrong…. I was not a loser hippy, tree hugger, picketing chicken plants for the non-chicken years.  Seriously I got to go…. I need some chicken nuggets!  LOL 🙂