How to hook up a Dixmor LED 3 and Dixmor LED 7?

LED 3 left, LED 7 right


Someone called me today and wanted to purchase an used Dixmor LED 7 timer from me…. (I actually have 3 BTW.  🙂 )  But 1 is actually messed up.  The person had a Dixmor LED 3…. I know these timers hook up the same.  But if you look at the manuals from Dixmor…. they appear different or could be confusing?  This is because of the inconsistent perspective Dixmor used to illustrate the back of the timer.

The only change which she pointed out was pin 8 and 9.  Which I never really paid any notice to…. but did realize that on the new Dixmor LED 7 those pins are used for credit card acceptance.


The first 2 pictures were from a timer that was shipped with a Cryptopay acceptor.  The next 2 pictures are from a new older Dixmor LED 7 timer which looks the exact same with the same firmware.