Rowe wins an Innovative Award and not MEI?

I understand that Rowe came out with a new Rowe changer… The Rowe model 400. I also know they didn’t post the manual on there website which is weird?  I watched the video with Tim Kozlik…. I also like him… He seems like a nice guy.  But using the same hopper as an American Changer and MEI recyclers seems not very “innovative”. That bill acceptor would work in my old crusty Rowe that was MDB comparable. 

I might expect to much from Rowe?  I’m just not impressed. The display and sticker don’t help. The sticker actual looks worse then the old ones… I think.

The New England Car Wash Association gave Rowe the award. But the changer has been out a while. The MEI acceptor has been out about 3-4 years I think?  The coin hopper is generic.