HydraFlex Hydra-Cannon water question?


I have always been fascinated with there product.  Maybe for the wrong reason.  🙂  My Dad purchased two also and they are stupid expensive.  But what I don’t get is if I put a bunch of injectors together on my system everyone would laugh and make fun and say injector are a bad idea.  Make them expensive, fancy and oh also GREEN!  You have a product!  That’s why I enjoy marketing.  🙂

My actual question is not the injector there all the same ss or these fancy kevlar (I think?).  It’s the HydraFlex setup.  The picture shows I assume 4 functions.  If 2 or 3 functions or even 4 are in use at one time…. wouldn’t this reduce the threw put of water thus pulling to much or to little chemical?  Which is one of the problems with  using injectors in the first place?  Thus the 27% chemical savings would either go up or down?  In another picture they have 5 functions?  Even worse?  I might be missing something here…. please let me know.  I’m going to build one.  LOL  🙂

Also I understand that they use those big well pumps to regulate the water….  which is very important with injectors.  Also the bigger units have 2 pumps I assume it’s a fall over but I really don’t care it doesn’t matter.  I would just think the pressure can’t be consistent on all functions if pulling water at the same time?  I just don’t see it?  Unless it’s just good enough and doesn’t matter?


UPDATE:  The water intake is 200 psi and the output is anywhere from 60-80 psi like the injectors are rated at or 40 psi like some operator said his has at.  Not even sure how you would know that unless there was a gauge on them?  Maybe the color denote the psi also?