Make your Fortune Washing Cars – A book? Car Wash people can read? JK :)

Interesting name of this guys book:  Make your Fortune Washing Cars  Plus only 40 years in the business?  I’m not even impressed!  No parents or grand parents helping with knowledge?  Another thing I’m not impressed about is making it in the car wash industry 40 years ago.

Actually the people that are going to do good now are all the people purchasing these foreclosures!  Any advice on building new is pretty dated information.  But click on the link above and look at the cover of the book.  🙂

Plus how is it a good “investment” to build new when there is a new wash struggling or the bank owns one next door?  Plus so what if you have cash?  It’s still a stupid investment.  Does anyone ever stop and think that a sales person “might” make money off you!  🙂  Why do you think they call you so much and they are “trying” to be your best friend…. until they get all there money?


If I write a book it needs to cost less then his… then I will name it “SO…… YOUR STUCK WITH A CAR WASH….. oh and there’s 100 down the street!  :)”