Viagra 50mg tablets and Hawk cologne, What do they have in common? Ask Sam.


Started off normal…. some shoes on the phone line and a box of Sam's garbage.  I do not know why people dump garbage.  I wanted to dump the garbage at the guy's house but….


It was just a box of normal trash, a 1990 basketball trophy, sealed blanket, some bath salt and lotion, a ton of men's cologne (one being Hawk cologne).  Oh also Viagra tablets.  Maybe Sam got kicked out of his house and I felt sorry even though I had his address.  Anyway the bottle said "Take one tablet by mouth one hour before activity".  Not sure about the "activity" but it made me start to wonder about the women's shoes, blanket, bath salts, lotions, Hawk Cologne, and the 1990 basketball trophy.  They all have a common theme but I am not sure what the theme is.  Well maybe not the trophy unless there was no female.  Did I just just post that?


While I was dumping the garbage.  This lady pulled up and started dumping garbage.  She had a large garbage bag of crap.  Does anyone know that my dumpster is on private property?  Also, look at the other cool artifacts I found… a Iomega Zip Disk, cool.